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Hello, and welcome to Adventure To Anywhere!  Thanks for stopping by.


My name is Ashley Dempster, and I am a twenty-something, full-time Hairstylist and part-time Blogger from Calgary, Canada.  When I’m not Working, Writing or Traveling, I can be found Running, Hiking, Making Music, Cooking, Planning my next Adventure, or Playing Outside.

When it comes to travel and adventure, I am passionate about good food, minimalist packing, exploring new places on the run, sticking to a modest budget and inspiring everyone I meet (that means YOU!) to live a life of adventure throughout all the many seasons of life.  I believe that you can have it all – personal security, a thriving career, strong relationships, a heathy routine, and a satisfied sense of wanderlust.

Wait, what?  You think that you can have all of that?


Yes, I do.  I spent many years battling with myself between the pull of consistent travel, and the solidarity of security at home.  I wanted the house, the car, the long-term relationship, the circle of friends, the half-marathon goals and the successful career.  But a very real part of me also wanted to drop all of those things, sell all of my possessions, and hit the road on a one-way ticket.

Luckily, I have been able to find some balance.  It hasn’t been easy, but I’ve managed to create a life where I truly do feel like I can have all of those things, and more.  And I want to show you that you can, too.

Adventure means something different to everyone, and I am here to share my version of it while hopefully inspiring you to find yours.

Happy Adventuring,

-Ashley Dempster    adventuretoanywhere.com



  1. “Adventure is different for everyone, and I am here to share my version of it while hopefully inspiring you to find yours.” So perfectly put Ashley! Great about page & beautiful photo of you!

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