1. Hi there! Love the blog posts on Bali. I’m going there soon and I am just curious as to how you keep your passport? Do u just leave it in ur backpack? Is there a locker there or sth? Thnjs!

  2. Hi,

    I am leaving to start my program in 3 weeks.. What is the shared accommodation like? Is the bed linen ok, or did you bring your own, along with towels etc?

    1. Hey! The shared accommodation is fine. We really enjoyed it. The bed linen is ok, but if you have sensitive skin I might bring your own sheet because I found them to be a little itchy haha. It’s very hot so you won’t need more than a sheet.

      Bring your own towels, nothing like that is provided.

      Happy Adventuring! You will love it!


  3. Hi Ashley! I’m a beginner backcountry hiker/camper and I’m looking to purchase a new tent that will be light enough to carry and can fit my boyfriend and I. What tent do you use and do you have any recommendations for me? Thanks so much!

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